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Darwin Clean Fuels Pty Limited (DCF) is a company that is working towards becoming a major player in the Australian fuel processing industry. Rather than refining crude oil, Darwin Clean Fuels will process condensate, a light petroleum liquid that condenses at atmospheric temperature and pressure that is produced in conjunction with the extraction of natural gas normally associated with the production of LNG. Condensate requires less complex processing to produce quality petrol, diesel, jet fuel to meet Australian fuel standards. Processing condensate produces 75% less emissions than crude oil to produce high quality transport fuels. Products to be produced by DCF will meet the new 2022 aromatic standards as well as the new 2027 Euro 6 standards.


DCF plans to develop, construct and operate a 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) condensate and LNG processing plant in Darwin at a cost of up to US$2 Billion to produce high quality transport fuels (98,95, & 91 octane) gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil).


DCF and McDermott entered into agreement for a bankable feasibility study (BFS) on 31 October 2019 which also incorporated agreement for FEED, FID and EPC construction. The results from the BFS will be available in August but preliminary data indicates strong project viability at good KPI’s.

Australia imports over 600,000 bpd (60%) of its current transport fuel requirements which is expected to substantially increase by 2027. Australia currently produces in excess of 250,000 bpd of condensate the bulk of which is exported. Condensate production is forecast to increase to over 300,000 bpd by 2030. The new processing plant will replace imports of high quality petrol, diesel, LPG and jet fuel to the Northern Territory market and will export petrol to markets such as Asia, and Australia's East Coast and beyond.

The Darwin Clean Fuels project capitalises on Darwin's proximity to the Timor Sea and Northwest shelf gas fields and Asia, Darwin's natural deep water port, the new Oil & Gas hub on Middle Arm, Darwin as well as the new transcontinental Austral Asia Railway linking Australia's northern and southern coasts.

The project FEED is anticipated to commence in 2020/21 followed by construction. The project will initially employ over 400 construction workers, with 130 full-time employees after project commissioning. The project will add to fuel security in Australia and be able to produce in excess of 10% of Australian fuel requirements.



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