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Governments around the world are mandating more environmentally friendly production and use of fuels and are progressively imposing stringent emission standards for petrol and diesel. The Darwin Clean Fuels project will help meet this need by processing Condensate as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the more usual crude oil feedstock's used to produce transport fuels.

Darwin Clean Fuels is equally concerned to minimise the impact on the local environment and engaged leading global environmental consulting firm AECOM to assess solar and hydrogen production for the proposed plant. Results from this extensive study concluded that there are no environmental issues that would prevent the construction and operation of the Condensate Processing Facility at the Middle Arm site. Further modelling recently undertaken shows a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to existing crude oils refineries in Australia.

The company has lodged a detailed Notice of Intent with the Northern Territory Government, that includes a statutory period for community feedback.

If you have any queries about the environmental impact of this project, you are also welcome to contact us directly.



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